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Denteach Principles and Services

Denteach is a self education platform for dentists and dental students, by helping them study dentistry and developing their skills.

Denteach Services

A- Denteach provides:

I- Choosing educational subject in dentistry according to:

a) Media: (Video – Powerpoint – Article – Audio lecture – Quiz – Pdf file – ..etc) related to what you want to study.

b) Branch: By choosing specific branch in dentistry (Endodontics – Operative – Oral surgery …etc) from the main platform.

d) Subject Platforms: Choosing a platform that focused on one subject (ex: Dental Carving – Dental Anatomy – …etc), and each Subject minimized to different Skills. ex: Amalgam restorations is “Subject”, “Carving Amalgam” is a skill with in this subject.

II- Self assessment (Self quizzing):

By quizzes in different branches and subjects, you may not find a lot of quizzes for now, but we are adding them gradually to cover all branches.

III- Questions and Discussions forum for dentists and dental students (social education community).

IV- Post your article: Dentists and students can participate and publish their articles on Denteach ,so there Articles and work could be reached for more and more students and colleagues.

Denteach Principles

1- Education Freedom: By choosing (subject – time – type of studying) makes you fully controlled and motivated to study.
2- Education Independency: There is no obligations or any type of commitment for any side or university, makes it more relieving and free to study.
3- Equal Chances of learning: whatever your financial condition, nationality, location you can learn dentistry in a decent quality.
4- Easy access to dental education: Regardless of your place education will come for you, you just need internet connection.

Why did we built Denteach?

Why did we built Denteach?

Future of education will not be the same as nowdays, because of developing of communication and internet it’s obvious that self education will be a strong choice for students as they can reach knowledge easier than ever.

Also Arab countries and 3rd world countries witnessing unstable situation that makes reaching universities much harder ,and skipping classes is unavoidable in breaking countries.

So we give students a solution to continue their skipped classes to study them by themselves.

Future Goal

We have many goals for future, but the main one is to complete building Educational dental system based on self learning, and covering all Subjects and Skills in Dentistry to reach all dental students and dentist all around the world, so in few words.

“To be the number 1 Website & App For dental Students World Wide”


Dr. Hassan Auf
Dr. Ibrahim Hammady

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