Panoramic Radiographic landmarks | Quiz


Panoramic Radiographic landmarks – Quiz

Anatomical landmarks quiz for Panoramic radiographic images.
– Click “Start” to begin the quiz.
– Random (10) questions from question bank will appear in this quiz, you should write the landmark online or on paper, which is required in each question.
– After finishing the quiz right answers will appear, so you can check your answers.

Note: If images didn’t appear (specially on laptops or PC) click {Ctrl + “+”}

ملاحظة: في حال عدم ظهور صور الأشعة في الاختبار (خاصة على أجهزة الكمبيوتر) اضغط على {Ctrl + “+”} أو تكبير المستعرض.

If you are not satisfied about your score you can learn radiographic landmarks from our interactive platform.